Bucharest Leaders’ Summit: Licence for a Better World Overview


Between 3 and 26 April 2024, the „Bucharest Leaders’ Summit: Licence for a Better World” will shine on the international arena – an event that promises to redefine global leadership and innovation paradigms. This summit is not only a continuation of the successful conference series „Together We Protect Romania”, but also an emblem of excellence and long-term vision, widely recognised among the world’s dialogue elites.

Our goal is to orchestrate a platform for discussion where tomorrow’s solutions are shaped to build a more inclusive and sustainable world. We are inviting to our stage prominent leaders, forward thinkers and innovators from all parts of the world to reveal and debate the most topical issues that trouble our society. Through this summit, we aspire to influence not only national and international public opinion, but also decision-makers, providing them with a comprehensive landscape of contemporary challenges and, more importantly, with a clear vision of paths to action and transformation for the common good.

In an era of rapid and unpredictable change, the responsibility to act consciously and sustainably becomes imperative. We aim to reassess our relationship with global crises, to reconsider human interactions and recognise that solutions to our challenges require a global approach. Every decision, however small it may seem, has the potential to influence an entire ecosystem. It is therefore essential that these issues are discussed in depth, with a complete openness to new ideas and innovative solutions.

„Bucharest Leaders’ Summit: Licence for a Better World” is committed to covering a broad spectrum of topics, stimulating high-level debates and exploring a variety of areas of national and global interest: from security, diplomacy and international relations to energy, agriculture, digitalisation and cybersecurity, finance and banking, education, research, innovation, healthcare, demographics, transport, constructions and even gender equality.

We anticipate the participation of more than 300 renowned speakers representing international institutions, parliaments, governments, the European Commission, business and professional circles, together with experts and opinion leaders from around the world. This gathering of brilliant minds will lay the foundations for a constructive dialogue aimed at identifying and implementing sustainable solutions to some of our world’s most pressing problems.


With a successful tradition of previous editions such as „Cooperation for Development”, „Building the Post-Pandemic World”, „Protecting Europe in Turbulent Times”, „The Future is Now” or „The Highway to Success”, the Bucharest Leaders’ Summit has proven to be a catalyst for positive change, each edition gathering more than 2,000 participants and 350 speakers from different corners of the globe.

Unique Opportunity

„Bucharest Leaders’ Summit: Licence for a Better World” offers an unparalleled opportunity to contribute to shaping the future. This summit is an elite and diverse platform where leaders from the government, the business community, representatives of international organisations, experts, analysts and opinion leaders join forces to address global challenges. Here, ideas are turned into action and visions for the future are outlined with clarity and determination.

We are currently at a turning point, where adapting to change and radically addressing challenges are not only necessary, but vital. The Summit will facilitate plenary discussions, interactive debates, case study presentations and networking sessions, all aimed at boosting innovation, promoting cross-sector collaboration and contributing to a better and more sustainable world.

Based on the undeniable success of previous editions, we are confident that the „Bucharest Leaders’ Summit: Licence for a Better World” will have a profound impact and will attract the attention of the international community, marking an important step towards a united, peaceful and prosperous world for future generations.

„Bucharest Leaders’ Summit: Licence for a Better World” stands out as more than an event – it is a trigger and shaker in the area of national innovation, a catalyst for change and an incubator for the ideas that will shape tomorrow’s world.

Therefore we invite you to join this ambitious initiative to help build a better, safer and more inclusive world.

The project „Together We Protect Romania” was initiated in 2020 by MediaUno Media Group and it was developed together with the National Institute of Statistics, the Department for Sustainable Development and MediaUno Association, reaching 13 conference editions and eight gala editions organised and several publications issued.

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