Bucharest Leaders’ Summit: Licence for a Better World Schedule


3 April 2024

Official Opening


4 April 2024

Sustainable Development

„The pathway to sustainability: Directions and challenges for sustainable development”


5 April 2024


„The heart of society: Modern cardiology approaches for a healthier life”


„Sowing the future: Sustainable strategies for the Romanian agriculture”


8 April 2024


„The energy of the future: Redesigning the energy paradigm for a sustainable world”

Natural Gas

„Energy of the future: Challenges and opportunities for the natural gas area”

In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF)

„New hopes, new lives: Optimisation and accessibility of IVF”


9 April 2024

Finance, Banking and Insurance

„Slaloming between changes: Challenges and innovations in the finance-banking and insurance sector”


„Immunisation is part of the present for a healthy future: Strategies and challenges in vaccination campaigns”


10 April 2024


Redefining education: Challenges and solutions for the Romanian education system


11 April 2024


„The skin under the magnifying glass: Dermatology innovations and challenges”


12 April 2024


„The future of healthcare in Romania: Innovation and access for all”


15 April 2024

Demographics and Population

„Navigating through demographic changes: Challenges and opportunities for Romania”

Social Challenges and Citizen Safety

„Between protection and progress: Social challenges and citizen safety in Romania”

Equal Opportunities and Gender Equality

”Building bridges: The evolution of equal opportunities and gender equality in the Romanian society”


16 April 2024

Euro-Atlantic Security

Strengthening the pillars of Euro-Atlantic security: Challenges and strategic directions for Romania


„Frontiers of immunity: Challenges and innovations in immunology”


17 April 2024

Mental Health

„Opening the dialogue: Prioritising mental health”


18 April 2024


„The reindustrialisation of Romania: Challenges and opportunities in the digital age”

Rare Diseases

Light in the dark: Addressing the challenges of rare diseases


19 April 2024


„Advances and challenges in the fight against cancer”


„Connecting the future: The digitisation and cybersecurity of Romania”


22 April 2024

Romanian Armed Forces

„Forward to the future: Modernising and adapting the Romanian Armed Forces to the challenges of the 21st century” 

Research and Innovation

„New horizons: Catalysing progress through research and innovation in Romania”


„Healthy smiles, bright future: Challenges and innovations in stomatology”


25 April 2024

Diplomacy and International Relations

„Modern diplomacy: Romania in the global dialogue”


„Innovation and adaptability in Romanian retail: Lessons from market leaders”


26 April 2024


„Reinventing mobility: Visions and solutions for the transport”

Justice and the Rule of Law

„The path to the absolute supremacy of the law in order to guarantee individual freedoms and rights”


8 May 2024


„Building the future: Innovation and sustainability in the construction sector”


14 May 2024


„Cultivating wellbeing: Strategies and initiatives for a healthier future”

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