Bucharest Leaders’ Summit:
The Highway to Success

The train of events initiated and organised by MediaUno Press Group, cooperatively with Romania’s National Institute of Statistics, the Department for Sustainable Development of the Romanian Government and MediaUno Association will continue over 6-23 November 2023 with „Bucharest Leaders’ Summit: The Highway to Success„, i.e. the 18th event in the „Together We Protect Romania” series. The Summit will bring together leading national and international personalities who – against the background of today’s current geopolitical and geostrategic– will debate topics of general interest covering inter alia industry, agriculture, energy, health, national defence, finance-banking, education and research, digitalisation and cyber security, demography, environment and climate change, transport and communications, services.

Our purpose is to repeat the international success that the previous event had: “Bucharest Leaders’ Summit: Cooperation for Development”, “Building the Post-Pandemic World: The path to a more sustainable, safe and resilient society”, “Movers and Shakers”, “Protecting Europe in Turbulent Times: Bucharest Leaders’ Summit: The Enduring Power of Solidarity”, “Bucharest Leaders’ Summit: Emerging challenges of the future” or ”Bucharest Leaders’ Summit: The Future is Now”, a series of conferences attended by over 2,000 participants, with an average of 350 Romanian or foreign speakers per event.

Bucharest Leaders’ Summit: The Highway to Success” is an elite gathering, a unique platform where leaders from local authorities and the central government and leading representatives from the business world will discuss global challenges and opportunities and explore the path to success. This high-level initiative will bring together key personalities from various fields who will promote dialogue, collaboration and innovation.

This Summit is organised at a crucial time in the global context, where economic, political and social developments and challenges are affecting communities everywhere. Tangible action and innovative approaches have to be taken in order to build a sustainable future and ensure long-term success.

The path to success is the central theme of this Summit. We will explore ways in which leaders can work together to create opportunities and overcome obstacles that hinder progress.

The challenges of recent years have shown us that in order to face the multiple crises that are putting our world to the test globally, we need to develop both rapid adaptation mechanisms and resilient solutions.
The Summit will bring together in Bucharest key political and business players from Romania, the European Union and overseas, representatives of major international organisations, analysts and experts, representatives of the media and civil society, so that the current picture of our world and the vision of the future that we all desire can be as comprehensive as possible.

The event agenda will include plenary sessions, interactive debates, case studies and networking opportunities.

Bucharest Leaders’ Summit: The Highway to Success” is a unique opportunity for local and central government and business leaders to meet, share their experiences and find common solutions to global challenges. This high-level event will stimulate innovation, promote collaboration and contribute to building a more prosperous and sustainable world.

The success of our previous events gives us confidence and reason to believe that these events will attract a lot of attention and will not go unheard by experts, opinion leaders and, not least, those who have the power to move things in the right direction, to a greater or lesser extent. The event will generate tangible results and a significant impact in matters pertaining to business and politics. By promoting dialogue and collaboration, we will contribute to creating an environment conducive to sustainable economic and social development.

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