Edition VI – Video


Agriculture I & II

Agriculture III

Social Issues I & II

Social Issues III

Demography I & II

Demography III

Public administration I & II & III

Education I & II & III

Tourism I & II

Religious organisations I & II

Research I & II

Cyber security I & II

Cyber security III

Diplomacy I & II

Diplomacy III

French investments in Romania

Swedish investments in Romania

Foreign Investments in Romania

Finance & banks I & II

Energy I & II & III

National security I, II & III



Renewable energy I & II

Renewable energy III

National security IV &V- Air Forces & Naval Forces

Chemical industry

Climate change

Oil & Gas I & II

Oil & Gas III

Environment I & II

Environment III

Transport I & II- Air Transport & Road Transport

Transport III- Rail Transport

Constructions and infrastructure I & II

Healthcare I & II

Healthcare III

Digitalization I & II

Digitalization III

Pharma I & II

Hospitals I & II




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